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Live Expert Panel and Q&A

Thank You for Your Interest In Our Shoulder Pain Workshop!

Space will be limited at Mayweather Boxing  so please RSVP below.

Learn tools and tips to get out of pain and stay out of pain:

  • Why you don't have to accept shoulder pain being a part of your life

  • What can you do now to prevent shoulder pain

  • What you can do to get over shoulder pain if you have it

  • Why you might be struggling to get out of pain even if you've tried other things


221202_District Performance & Physio_Frezza-244 (1).jpg

Ashlee Kim

Performance Physical Therapist

We're hosting this seminar because:


We are SICK of people being in pain when they don’t have to be


We are TIRED of hearing about people who have stopped exercising when they don’t have to


We are OVER hearing the bad medical advice people are getting

Don’t let pain, tightness or fear of movement hold you back!
Your body is SO much stronger than you think and we get to prove that every day in the clinic!
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