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Experience Premium Physical Therapy for Groin Pain in Washington DC

Is groin pain starting to affect your sports performance, day-to-day activities, or social life?

Maybe you’ve tried to get help for your groin pain before, but weren’t satisfied with the results? With help from an expert care team at District Performance & Physio in Washington DC, you can spend less time dealing with groin pain and more time doing what you love.

When it comes to men’s health issues like groin pain, it can be difficult to find good answers to the questions you have. Unfortunately for many men, it’s common to be told by healthcare providers that there aren’t any good solutions available for groin pain and other common men’s health issues.

Even if you normally enjoy living an active lifestyle, persistent groin pain can take a toll on your physical performance, shake your confidence, and drain your energy. At District Performance & Physio, we believe problems like pelvic floor dysfunction and groin pain in men need to be taken seriously, treated early, and handled by men’s health experts.


Whether you’re an elite athlete or weekend fitness enthusiast, your groin pain shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. With the help of premier physical therapy for groin strain and groin pain from experts in men’s health, you can finally start seeing the results that you want, take control of your pain, and focus on performing your best again.

District Performance & Physio in Washington DC

The leading experts in physical therapy for men’s health

Although struggling to find the right care for your groin pain and pelvic health needs is frustrating, many of our patients tell us that they have the same experience. This is because most healthcare providers simply don’t learn enough about men’s health issues like groin pain and pelvic floor dysfunction to help their patients get the right care, ultimately leaving you without the answers that you need. That’s where we come in!


If you’re living with groin pain, you should be able to talk to someone that you can trust who has specialized training in men’s health. When you work with a physical therapist at District Performance & Physio, you can finally get the answers and support you need to see real progress with your groin pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.


Let our men’s health physical therapy expert, TJ Janicky, help you understand the root cause of your groin pain and start on the right path to recovery. As you start to feel better and see progress with your symptoms, your therapist can also teach you the right exercises to help you get back to the active lifestyle that you enjoy.



Here’s a few reasons that our patients choose us for men’s health


  • One-on-one conversation to learn more about your groin pain, lifestyle, favorite activities, and history with pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • Comprehensive strength, muscle endurance, and range of motion testing for your pelvis, lower back, and other joints to help find the root cause of your groin pain.

  • Essential education about your pelvic floor anatomy, important self-care techniques, and helpful strategies to help you effectively manage your condition.

  • Personalized pelvic floor training, breathing exercises, and activity conditioning based on your unique needs and the results of your assessment.


To finally see the results that you want with your groin pain, you need state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatments that truly address the root causes of pelvic floor dysfunction and groin pain. At District Performance & Physio, your treatment sessions will be specially designed to meet your needs and may include techniques such as manual therapy, individualized exercises, and more.

To see real progress and stay engaged with your groin pain recovery, you need a care team that takes your personal preferences and lifestyle seriously. As a valued patient at District Performance & Physio, you’ll get one-on-one sessions with a men’s pelvic floor specialist, expert care in private treatment rooms, and access to multiple conveniently located clinics in Washington DC. With the answers, treatments, and support you need for your groin pain and men’s health concerns, you can get back to doing what you love faster.


Treatments for groin pain that get you long-term results

Many men struggle with getting the physical therapy for groin strain and groin pain they need in Washington DC, but now you can break the cycle. You don’t need to feel frustrated or left in the dark with your questions about men’s health issues, because now you can work with a physical therapist who specializes in men’s health and makes it easy for you to get the answers that you’ve been looking for.

​If you’re ready to experience premier physical therapy for groin pain in men, our team is ready to help you feel better and reach your goals. Click below to schedule your free phone call with one of our experts now.

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