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Physical Therapy for Penile Pain

Are you living with penile pain that has started affecting your active lifestyle? Do you feel uncomfortable bringing it up to your doctor during a routine visit? See how physical therapy can help you manage your penile pain and keep doing what you love.


We get it, dealing with pelvic floor symptoms is intimidating. Problems like pain during sex, loss of sex drive, and issues going to the bathroom can make everyday life more challenging and even frustrating at times. You may also find yourself limiting your social life or lacking confidence in social situations due to fear of flare ups with your penile pain.


For many men, it seems like there aren’t any good answers or resources out there to learn more about common problems such as groin pain, abdominal pain, and penile pain. You may have even been told that there are no solutions to your pain and you should “just live with it”.


At District Performance & Physio, we think there’s a different way. Regardless of your fitness level, you shouldn’t need to give up your favorite exercises or sit on the bench because of your penile pain. By working with one of our expert physical therapists, you’ll get the care you need for your penile pain and the tools to help you stay pain-free for the long haul.

Men’s Health Matters

Men’s health problems can be among the least understood conditions in the medical field. Without good information to work with, you might struggle to see past your penile pain and continue enjoying the activities you care about most.

If you’re struggling with more pain while sitting, going to the bathroom, or wearing certain types of clothing, it’s important to get answers from somebody you can trust and feel comfortable talking to about your pain. Working with a specialist can be one of the best ways to learn more about your pelvic floor and its connection to your pelvic pain.

Let our expert men’s pelvic floor physical therapists


TJ Janicky and Ariela Pohl, take some of the mystery out of men’s health physical therapy for you.


With the right guidance, you can get your confidence back and keep living an active lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect during your first visit:

  • Detailed interviewing to learn more about your health history, the specifics of your pain, and how your lifestyle is affected by your pain.

  • Strength, muscle endurance, and range of motion testing for your pelvis and nearby joints that may also be involved.

  • Education and strategies to help you better understand and manage your pain for the long term.

  • Guided movement training and exercise tailored to your specific needs and exam findings.



Our expert physical therapists utilize state-of-the-art treatment approaches for men’s pelvic floor and penile pain therapy that are designed to get you results. Your sessions may include specialized manual therapy, biofeedback, or other customized treatment approaches chosen for your unique situation.

Treatment On Your Terms

Taking the leap and getting help for your pain doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, your therapist will make it easy for you to address your pelvic floor comfortably so that you can get the results that matter to you most.

With one-on-one sessions, private treatment rooms, and multiple locations in Washington DC, there’s never been a better time to make men’s health a priority.


If you’re looking for the best physical therapy for penile pain, or answers to your other men’s health problems, it’s time to take the first step to getting your life back. Click below to schedule your free phone call now.

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