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Rediscover Your Potential With Physical Therapy Near You

When you're hurt with an injury, it can feel like a struggle simply to feel like yourself

Pain lowers your tolerance to activity, decreases your productivity at work or school, and leaves you tossing and turning at night. No area of life is immune to the effects of an acute or chronic health condition.


If this sounds all too familiar, physical therapy near you can help.

Contact District Performance & Physio today if you live in the D.C. area and feel derailed by pain. Our experienced team can help you start feeling better fast and empower you with the tools and training you need to heal your body and optimize your mobility.

An injury is stressful enough. Looking for a reliable physical therapist near you shouldn't be stressful, too

It can be a challenge to find a healthcare provider who is truly in your corner and willing to place your specific needs front and center in your plan of care. It's also challenging to find a provider who can fit into your schedule—and won't waste your time once you're with them. 

We've built our practice on the philosophy that life doesn't stop when an injury crops up—which means we're not going to repeat the tired old advice to stop moving or be fearful of exercise. Far from it: we show you how to keep moving safely while still allowing your injury to heal properly. Our services include the latest evidence-based, non-invasive physical therapy interventions that will get you the results you want quickly, but without cutting corners along the way. 

Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Services Right in Your Neighborhood

District Performance & Physio brings the best of what physical therapy has to offer to the greater Washington D.C. area. Our patients come to us from Arlington, Bethesda, straight from within the District, and other surrounding communities in Virginia and Maryland. 

And yes: we know that adding another appointment to your already packed schedule can be tricky. That's why we're happy our clinic is so conveniently located for our clients: you'll find us just a half block from the Orange, Red, Silver and Blue lines at Farragut West and Farragut North Metro stations with ample free garage parking right on site!

We respect your time and pledge to deliver streamlined and efficient care that will get you meaningful results that make a difference in your daily life. 

Connecting with a physical therapist who can help you understand and address the root cause of your symptoms—in addition to helping your symptoms improve or go away—is the ultimate hack toward reclaiming the active healthy lifestyle that is your birthright! We've helped hundreds of people just like you recover from a range of injuries and conditions, including:

We work with patients from all walks of life—and help them walk a little taller by getting to the root of their concerns.

Have you been busy Googling: "pelvic floor physical therapy near me"? We've got you covered right here at District Performance & Physio! We recently welcomed Dr. Ariella Pohl, PT to the team, an experienced pelvic floor specialist treating women and men of all ages.

If you live in the greater Washington D.C. area and find yourself asking, "Where can I find a physical therapist near me?', contact District Performance & Physio and get to know our team. We're currently accepting new patients and would be happy to help you get more aligned with your health and wellness goals.

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