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Surgical Consultation From Physical Therapy Experts in Washington DC

Did you know that many people think they need surgery or are even told they need surgery and they are able to make a full recovery without ever actually needing surgery? Come see how a surgical consultation with a physical therapist can get you ready for surgery, improve your recovery after surgery, and even prevent the need for surgery altogether.

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Have you been told that you need surgery to make a full recovery from your injury, but aren’t sure what to do next? 

Although surgery can be helpful for a number of reasons, it is not always necessary, even sometimes when people are told it is. More importantly, if you’ve been recommended to have surgery, you may not need to jump right in to get the long-term results that you want.


With the help of the right physical therapy team at District Performance & Physio, you can get honest answers to your questions about surgery and see the best path forward more clearly.

Movement experts who specialize in recovery

As leading experts in joint health and optimizing movement, we believe that you deserve to know what all of your options for recovery look like before committing to surgery. With the help of a thorough evaluation from an expert physical therapist and an honest discussion about all of your treatment options, you can feel more confident in your next steps toward recovery.

Because surgery isn’t always needed to make a full recovery, getting a second opinion from a team you can trust is the best way to prevent unnecessary surgery and ensure the best long-term outcomes for your condition. For many people, physical therapy can be a method to avoid surgery and gradually return to your normal lifestyle at full capacity.


Here are a few common surgeries that can be avoided with the right physical therapy treatment plan:



Every condition and injury is different, and your needs will be unique to your situation. Even if you’ve been told by friends or family that surgery is the best option, you can get peace of mind with the help of expert consultation from movement and joint health specialists who can show you all of your treatment options before committing to surgery.



Preventing unnecessary surgery with therapy

At District Performance & Physio we've helped many, many people avoid surgery who thought that was the only answer. With a thorough consultation and personalized treatment plan, they were able to fully return to normal activity and exercise without having surgery in the first place.


Not all physical therapy is the same, and just because physical therapy hasn't worked for you before, doesn't mean that it can't work. In fact, most of the people that we help haven’t been successful with their physical therapy elsewhere. That’s because our team is made up of movement experts who are specially trained in assessing joint health and creating a plan that targets exactly what you need and where you want to go.

Although surgery can be an important part of recovery for some conditions, many surgeries have been shown by research to have the same outcomes as physical therapy after 6-12 months. This means that if you’re a good candidate for physical therapy, you can get the same results that you would with surgery while avoiding many of the potential risks and costs that come with it.

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Prehab care to improve outcomes? 

In some cases, you and your therapist may decide that surgery is the best option for you to make a full recovery. When this happens, prehabilitation physical therapy or “prehab” can help improve your condition before and after surgery. Pre-surgery PT focuses on optimizing joint health and muscle strength before surgery to help improve your recovery, and is preferred by many surgeons.

Regardless of whether you need physical therapy to prevent surgery, physical therapy before surgery, or physical therapy to recover from surgery, your care team at District Performance & Physio in Washington DC can help you maximize your results every step of the way.

​With state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatments for joint health and performance, honest consultation on the role of surgery in your recovery, and encouragement from leading physical therapy experts who care about your success, you can stop wondering about the best path to recovery and start taking the steps to get there.

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