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Worried About Working Out After Pregnancy?

Hear What Others Have to Say

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District Performance, specifically Ariella have been an integral part of my postpartum journey. Each week Ariella helped me with difference exercises to rebuild parts of my core that I didn’t realize needed rebuilding. She gave me a safe space to try movements that I was hesitant to try on my own, out of fear of “making it worse”, as well as thoughtful suggestions for how to work up to where I wanted to be. My goal was to be able to feel like I could complete a full bootcamp class, as I had done MANY times before pregnancy and up to three days before giving birth, but never postpartum. Today I feel stronger, more like myself and I am ready and excited to get back in the gym. Thank you, Ariella, for everything!

Jessica S

When you have a team of physical therapy experts in your corner, there's no need to be. Come see us at District Performance and Physio if you're a mom living near Washington DC and are ready to get back to the active hobbies you love.

​We help women start exercising after pregnancy with greater comfort and greater confidence.


What should I know before exercising after pregnancy? What if I have new aches and pains? What if I show signs of diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction? How quickly can I start re-introducing my favorite activities again? Why am I leaking a little urine when I jump or lift something?

We know you have questions. We'll work with you to get you the answers you need, so you can keep moving—and keep up with your growing baby!


With personalized exercises, manual therapies, and gentle, drug-free modalities, our physical therapist experts offer a wide range of services that support your body as you recover from labor and delivery and adjust to your new role as Mom.

Hey, postpartum moms: you deserve to feel good in your body. Exercise can help!​


Research shows that physical activity after pregnancy helps you in a TON of ways:

  • It boosts your mood

  • It gives you more energy

  • It helps you sleep

  • It reduces stress

  • It supports sustainable weight loss

  • It restores core function

  • It may prevent postpartum depression


Simply put, making time to exercise post-pregnancy helps you take care of you—which helps you show up better for your family and your business.


And whether you love swimming, CrossFit, hiking, jogging, lifting weights, or any other type of exercise, it IS possible to resume these activities safely and enjoyably.

We’re so committed to helping you get moving again that our women’s and pelvic physical therapist, Dr. Ariella Pohl, wrote a free eBook about this very topic! Returning to Exercise Postpartum is for any new mom looking to get the most out of her postpartum journey.

Our Washington DC Physical Therapy Clinic is Easy to Get to: Come Find Us!

You're a new mom: you don't have to convince us that you've got a lot on your plate right now. That's why we've done what we can to remove any barriers to the postpartum care you want and deserve.


Our physical therapy clinic is walking distance to the Farragut North and West train stations, and we offer a FREE parking garage onsite. Our friendly front office team is ready to help you find time to come see us, even with your busy schedule.


And if childcare is a barrier, not to worry. Parents are welcome to bring their kids or newborns along with them!



It's Truly Never Too Early to Start Preparing For Your Postpartum Journeys


Even if you're not pregnant yet or are still trying to conceive, working with a physical therapist can help you prepare for the later stages of your motherhood journey:

  • Thorough movement assessments help us uncover and address issues like core weakness or postural imbalances that could become more pronounced with a pregnancy

  • Personalized exercises, stretches, and manual therapy techniques help us resolve acute or chronic issues that could add unnecessary stress once you're expecting (a time when you need the least stress possible!)

  • Personalized education gives you tools to manage your stress, maintain optimal posture and breathing patterns, and safely stay active throughout a future pregnancy


We truly love helping women reach their health goals and set new ones. So, whether you're thinking about adding to your family or recently brought a little one home, our physical therapy team in Washington DC is happy to be in your corner.

Call our clinic today or click the button below to schedule an appointment and start experiencing all the benefits of working out after pregnancy with less discomfort and greater peace of mind.

Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy in Washington DC

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