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Hear more about what it's like to work with us and why we're not your typical physical therapy career experience.


"District Performance & Physio is a great place to grow in areas that you are passionate about, as well as work with like-minded people!"


- Alyssia Graves, Client Experience Coordinator/Social Media Manager


Client Experience Coordinator

Do you love helping people? Are you comfortable talking to strangers and able to effectively listen to and communicate with people to be able to help them? Do you like the idea of working for a small and growing healthcare clinic where your contributions directly impact the health of the community and the company’s success? District Performance & Physio is excited to grow and add a team member in the Client Experience Coordinator role. We are a physical therapy clinic in Washington, D.C. that is looking to change how health care is done and give amazing experiences to each of our clients. We offer a high level experience for both our clients and team members that focuses on empowering you and our clients, making people excited to be here and always making decisions that are best for employees and clients. Success in this role will be measured by generating client loyalty and buy in, having effective phone calls to convert leads into patients and create excitement for their visit, maintaining an efficient day to day business environment, and being creative and taking initiative to help our company grow. We are looking for someone who: Is comfortable with sales and talking to people Loves helping others Wants to work hard Is Flexible Is willing to fail and learn from mistakes to get better Is persistent and resilient If this sounds like you and like a company you’d love to work for, we’d love to hear from you! Our ideal candidate would be able to start at 20 hours per week and transition to full time but we can be flexible with the amount of hours at the beginning. Company Pros/Cons We like to be very up front about what it's like working for us. It's important for us that we are as good of a fit for you as you are for us. Pros: We are a small business and growing business so you will have a huge impact on our success and growth Flexibility - time and schedule Support for your career growth - what do you want to learn/get better at? Team camaraderie - happy hours, workouts We have very clear core values and strive to live by them Cons Growing business - we’re learning, growing and failing constantly. It's part of our DNA and how we've been so successful. We have only been in business for four years and experienced incredible growth but we still are working on systems, organization and you can be a part of that. At times there can be a lot of moving pieces so have to be OK with change and changing organization Our business will rely on you to be successful so there will be pressure. You are the starting point for every person’s entry point People are in different places - we’re still working on how do we coordinate and communicate the best We will push you, give constructive feedback, get you out of your comfort zone, and we hold each other accountable.

Physical Therapist: Full-time

If you are a physical therapist looking for a job and work environment where you have the time to build a relationship with clients, grow your clinical reasoning skills, get people better faster while having the time to focus on your personal and career growth, there’s a job opening! ​District Performance & Physio is a low volume clinic in Washington, D.C. that focuses on helping active people stay active. We only work with people who have an active goal, whether that’s an Olympic athlete or your weekend warrior. We are a cash practice that doesn’t accept any insurance, including Medicare. We offer a high level experience that focuses on individual care, empowering our clients and employees, and always making decisions that are best for the client that’s in front of you. Benefits of working for us include: - 1 on 1 patient care - Low number of client visits weekly - Not dealing with insurance - Get to work with an active, engaged and appreciative patient population - Autonomy to treat clients how you want to treat them - Ability to grow into the practice and create programs you enjoy (we created a women's health program for our newest PT) We’re looking for a physical therapist who: 1. Uses an empowering approach that teaches their clients to reach their goals. 2. Is willing to push themselves to be better and is dedicated to always learning and growing. 3. Wants to give the highest quality customer experience possible and make their clients excited to come to their appointment. 4. Wants to work with clients in a 1 on 1 environment in a performance setting. 5. Wants to actually make a difference in people’s lives. 6. Wants to only work with motivated people instead of people who dread coming to physical therapy. 7. Is willing to fail, be uncomfortable and grow from those experiences

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