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Physical Therapy for Hip Pain from Skilled Experts

Are you struggling with persistent hip pain? Maybe you’ve been told that you need to stop doing what you love and just rest? Come see how physical therapy can help you beat your hip pain and get back on top of your game!

You don’t want to compromise on performance, and neither do we. At District Performance & Physio in Washington D.C., you can expect superior care that gets you results for your hip pain. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just getting started with a new hobby, our expert physical therapists can help you reach your performance goals regardless of your experience.

To get the results that you want, you need the best physical therapy for hip pain Washington DC can offer.

Leave hip pain in the past


Nagging hip pain is a common problem that can seriously impact your favorite activities. The good news is that with the right care plan from our expert physical therapists, you can get back to doing the things that you love with confidence.


At District Performance & Physio, you can trust that our physical therapists are specially trained to work with athletes, because we’re athletes too! Whether you’re trying to return to a team sport, running, or CrossFit, your therapist can help you maintain your progress and reach your performance goals while staying active.



To get better results for your hip pain, you need the right support along the way. That’s why your team cares about making your experience more enjoyable, more specialized, and more effective. Here’s what your first session will look like:


  • Detailed history and interviewing to figure out your personal pain points and performance goals.

  • Full analysis of your posture, walking or running technique, and functional movements to identify the true cause of your injury.

  • Assessment of your hip strength and range of motion with special testing to detect specific injuries - we’ll also assess your back, knee, and ankle.

  • Initial treatment that is targeted to your unique situation and performance goals.

  • Most importantly, you won’t be told to sit on the bench or stop doing the things you love!

After your initial assessment is complete, you can get answers about why you are having your hip pain and how we can help you treat it. Your therapist will also be able to let you know how you can modify your training plan to stay active and maintain progress while addressing the root cause of your hip pain!


Regardless of your starting point, your therapist can help you get your hip pain under control, better understand the causes of your hip pain, and design an action plan to improve your mobility, fix muscle imbalances, and beat limiting habits that are holding you back.

Better treatments get better results

To get better faster, you need a care plan that’s tailored to your unique needs. That’s why you should work with a physical therapist who really cares about your performance goals and helps you address the true causes of your hip pain, rather than just treating your symptoms.


All of our therapists at District Performance & Physio use state-of-the-art, evidence-based hip treatments that focus on getting you real results with measurable improvements. Instead of being told not to be active or workout anymore, let us help you figure out why you're having hip pain and start making meaningful changes faster.

District Performance & Physio in Washington DC
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