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Stay Moving and Get Pain-Free With Physical Therapy Near McLean VA

Frustrated by an acute or chronic injury?
At District Performance & Physio, we'll help you heal so you can start enjoying those pain-free days—and we'll never tell you to fear movement or stop moving altogether.

We're Here and Happy to Help!


District Performance & Physio is easy to get to from McLean VA and surrounding areas. Just hop on the Orange, Red, Silver or Blue and head to the Farragut West or Farragut North Metro stations—our clinic is half a block away! We also have free garage parking on site for patients coming by car.


Because here's the thing:


Our physical therapy services can't help you if getting to us is too inconvenient. With an accessible location and flexible schedule, we help you connect with a physical therapist near McLean without having to turn your daily life upside down.

Discover how our customized services can help you keep doing the things you love—even as you heal from an injury.

When you team up with a knowledgeable physical therapist at District Performance & Physio, you won’t be told to stop doing your favorite exercises like running or lifting. Instead, we’ll work with you to create a rewarding, effective treatment plan that drives your recovery AND keeps you moving.

And since your health and performance goals are unique, your treatment plan will be, too—no cookie-cutter care.


Our entire staff has advanced training and years of clinical experience helping people with neck pain, shoulder pain, back and hip pain, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, and other common conditions.

We Proudly Offer Residents of McLean Physical Therapy for Pelvic Health

Do you have lower back pain, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, or similar issues? Dr. Ariella Pohl is our resident specialist in pelvic floor dysfunction! She helps men and women from McLean heal from a variety of pelvic health conditions using innovative and individualized services.

Get peace of mind and the results you want in a private, professional environment

We don't look for shortcuts—but we do look for ways to accelerate your body's incredible healing capability, including manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, postural assessments, and more.

When you're hurt, we're here to help. By focusing on the PERSON in front of us, and not just their symptoms, we help our patients get lasting relief and enjoy significant improvements in their overall health

We help you understand and address the root cause of your dysfunction, while maximizing your ability to do the activities you love in a safer, more efficient way!

Don't Let Pain Put Pause on Your Life


Ready to Start Physical Therapy Near McLean VA?

If you live near McLean VA and would like to see how physical therapy can help your health, contact District Performance & Physio today to schedule an appointment. Call or text us at 202-922-7331, or email us at

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