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Physical Therapy for CrossFit Athletes In Washington D.C.

You work hard to perform your best. You shouldn't have to take time off from the gym or stop CrossFit because of an injury

At District Performance & Physio in Washington D.C. we believe in peak performance, and we want to help you reach your performance goals. Whether you’re a CrossFit novice or expert competitor, our specially trained therapists can help you perform your best for the long haul.

Have you been told by your doctor or physical therapist that you should stop lifting so heavy? Despite popular opinion, stopping what you love to do is not the answer to your injury. Instead, figuring out the cause of your injury and coming up with a solution will get you back to your sport faster. We won't tell you to stop doing CrossFit or running, and we don’t want to!

I started seeing TJ at the beginning of July for a shoulder injury I had been struggling with since February. I am an active person who spends a lot of time at my crossfit gym, and due to my shoulder instability and pain I had to stop doing a lot of movements/exercises I usually enjoy. I spent several months working with another PT but was not seeing progress, so based on recommendations from people at my gym I reached out to District Performance & Physio. TJ took a thoughtful approach to evaluating and diagnosing my issue, carefully examining my shoulder mobility and strength and asking a lot of questions about how my shoulders responded to different stressors. He explained what I was experiencing and how he recommended treating it - I left my first appointment with a detailed email outlining my diagnosis and the exercises and stretches I needed to do to address it. I very quickly felt less pain and regained strength. Each week he worked with me on different movements I had been avoiding, walking me through how to do them more safely to avoid future injuries and pain (kipping pull-ups, bar muscle ups, handstand pushups, snatches). He was very realistic about what I should or should not do and when I should back away from painful movements vs work through them. I'm now back to doing all of the movements I could before, and planning to compete in a local crossfit competition next weekend! I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with TJ, his knowledge/expertise and approach to helping you reach your goals is fantastic. Mikhala M.

Exceptional Staff and Exceptional Results


Our physical therapists have worked with hundreds of CrossFit athletes in DC and kept them in the gym after injury, either recreationally or competing at high levels. All of our therapists regularly do CrossFit workouts, and some even have their CFL1 or USAW certification. We understand what you need to do in the gym because we do it too!


We understand the importance of expert coaching. That’s why we partner with local gyms and coaches to make sure you’re getting the best CrossFit physical therapy in DC. Some of the gyms we partner with include CrossFit D.C., Invictus Washington D.C., Black and Red Barbell Club, Petworth Fitness, and D.C. Weightlifting,


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Why Our Patients Get Better, Faster

At District Performance & Physio we take the time to learn about our patients, their stories, and their goals. Building a therapeutic relationship not only makes your time here more enjoyable, but also helps you reach your goals more effectively. Here are some highlights:

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We'll work with you to analyze your movements and figure out the true cause of your injury, instead of just treating symptoms.


Not only will we help you fix your problem, we'll work with you on modifying your workouts so you can stay active in the gym while you recover.

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Most importantly, we won’t tell you to stop moving or doing the things you love!

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We want to know the full story behind your injury, what your favorite activities or exercise are, and what’s holding you back.

No matter what your experience level is, our team will help you identify problems in your movement patterns to improve your mobility, correct muscle imbalances, and fix old habits that are limiting your performance in CrossFit or other activities.

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Treatments For Athletes That Actually Work


With specialized dry needling, flexibility training, and strengthening exercises, our treatment plans are specially tailored to your unique performance goals. Each of our expert therapists is a movement specialist with a proven track record in getting our patients results that last long-term.


We know finding time to start physical therapy can be hard with a busy schedule. That’s why we’re conveniently located in two locations in Washington D.C. and offer flexible scheduling to meet the needs of our patients, making it easy to meet with our physical therapists and get the best CrossFit physical therapy Washington DC has to offer!


Schedule Today — We’ll Take It From There!

  • Expert physical therapists with experience in CrossFit

  • Specialized, evidence-based treatments to improve strength and reduce pain

  • Coaching to help you break through barriers and reach your goals faster

  • Convenient location in Washington D.C. with flexible scheduling

Discover Physical Therapy for CrossFitters In DC

Are you experiencing a new injury or stubborn pain? We want to help! Contact District Performance & Physio today to schedule an appointment by calling or texting 202-922-7331, or email us at

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