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The Best Physical Therapy for Runners In Washington D.C.

Have you been told by your doctor or friends that running is bad for your knees? Do you think that if you continue to run your body won't hold up as you get older? Fortunately, totally stopping what you love to do is not the solution to your injury. Instead, finding the root cause of your injury and treating it from the ground up will get you better, faster results. You don’t have to stop running to get better!

If you’re a runner, see what working with us is like

If you’re dealing with a running injury, you need a dedicated care team to help you stop hurting and start performing at your best.

If you’re a dedicated runner, small details make a big difference to you. At District Performance & Physio in Washington D.C., you can expect superior care that turns details into results. Whether you’re an elite runner or weekend enthusiast, our expert physical therapists can help you reach your running and performance goals.
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Expert Treatments You Can Trust.

Think you might be done with running? Think again! Our team has worked with all types of runners, from the most elite performers in D.C. to aspiring runners who are training for their first race. When you come to District Performance & Physio in Washington D.C., you’re getting care from friendly runners and crossfitters who understand your problems and performance goals.

Great performance takes great training, which is why District Performance & Physio is the official physical therapy clinic of Georgetown Running Club, an elite running club in DC with dedicated members training for Olympic Qualifying Times. Even if you’re not training for the Olympics, you can set your performance goals incredibly high with our therapists.


We'll work with you on modifying your training program so that you don't lose all the progress you've made while also addressing your pain and injury. Instead of being told not to run anymore or thinking you can't keep running, let us help you figure out why you're having pain and solve the true cause of the problem, so you can see great results and get back to running for the long term..

Where Runners Get Better, Faster


To get better results, you need the right support along the way. That’s why your team cares about making your experience more enjoyable, more specialized, and more effective. Here are some highlights:

  • Detailed history and interviewing to figure out your personal pain points, running experience, and performance goals.

  • Full analysis of your running technique and functional movements to identify the true cause of your injury, instead of treating your symptoms.

  • Informed coaching to help you optimize your running technique and training program for enhanced recovery and performance.

  • Most importantly, you won’t be told to stop running or doing the things you love!

Regardless of your starting point, your therapist can help you identify problems in your running and exercise technique to improve your mobility, fix muscle imbalances, and beat limiting habits that are holding back your running goals.

Physical Therapy for Runners That Works

With specialized strength training, mobility exercise, and dry needling techniques, your treatment plan is built to make your performance goals happen. Each of our expert therapists is a movement specialist with a proven track record in getting runners like you results that really matter.


Finding the time to start physical therapy can be hard. That’s why District Performance & Physio is conveniently located in Washington D.C. and offers flexible appointments to meet your busy schedule, making it easy to see your physical therapists and get the best physical therapy for runners in Washington D.C.


What Our Patients Are Saying

From Persistent Running Injuries to First Place in 4 Months


"This weekend (9/11/21) I completed my first 70.3 triathlon, which included a 13 mile run as the final leg. This is after dealing off and on with calf injuries for a year and a half, which kept me from training. At the beginning of May this year, I had two virtual sessions with Ariella at District Performance Physio, where she diagnosed my issues as related to insufficient calf strength. She gave me a set of simple exercises that I completed daily for several weeks, and began slowly ramping up my running mileage. By 6 weeks I was able to complete the weekly running mileage my training plan called for, and successfully followed the plan without issue for the next 8 weeks after that.


I’m so grateful to be able to be running again! With the increased strength, and also better running form, I have confidence that with smart training and appropriate rest I can continue making gains in my running speed and endurance. I already have some goals for next season, including finishing a Half Ironman in under 5hrs.


Did I mention I placed first in my age group! Thanks to District Performance for helping make it possible.."


Schedule Your Running Assessment Today!

  • Physical therapists with specialized running experience

  • Evidence-based treatments to improve your running and beat your pain

  • Coaching to help you break through barriers and reach your goals faster

  • Convenient location in Washington D.C. with flexible scheduling


Discover Runners Physical Therapy In D.C.

 Dealing with a new running injury? We want to help! Contact District Performance & Physio today to schedule an appointment by calling or texting 202-922-7331, or email us at

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