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Physical Therapy for Dizziness and Vertigo from Skilled Experts

Are you experiencing persistent dizziness? Have you been told by your doctor that you have vertigo but aren’t sure what to do? Discover how physical therapy for dizziness and vertigo can help!

​Vertigo means a sensation of motion or spinning when you are sitting still, often described as dizziness. Because your experience of vertigo is unique to you, getting the right treatment matters. At District Performance & Physio, you’ll get an individualized treatment plan based on thorough clinical examination that fits your unique situation.

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What is BPPV?

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a common symptom of vestibular dysfunction from the inner ear. You may develop BPPV without any known cause, experiencing vertigo during positional change such as turning over in bed. BPPV is caused by otoconia (small crystals) that have dislodged and are floating within the canals of the inner ear.

You can expect your personalized vertigo care plan to start with a thorough assessment to determine your status and current needs. Exceptionally thorough interviews and exams are critical to getting your care plan right. Here’s what you’ll get during your first session:

  • A thorough discussion about your health history and vertigo symptoms

  • Detailed vestibular examination to find the cause of your symptoms

  • Balance and positional testing

  • Targeted treatment specific to your needs and condition

Need vertigo care from experts you can trust?
Here’s how physical therapy for vertigo can he


Treating your vertigo correctly can be intimidating without the right guidance. For best results, you need personalized care that meets your immediate and specific needs.


Your physical therapist can assess your vertigo status and build a plan based on your symptoms to promote a safe and efficient recovery - helping you get back to your favorite activities and everyday life.


After getting started, it is important to be monitored by your primary care or specialty doctor as you recover so the plan can be adjusted in sync with your recovery. At District Performance & Physio, your therapist works alongside your medical doctor or athletic coach to ensure your plan of care is both effective and safe.


Dealing with vertigo is difficult, but treatment should be easy

Recovering from your BPPV can be challenging because normal daily activities may be seriously affected by your vertigo symptoms. At District Performance & Physio, your expert therapist understands what you’re going through, and how sensitive your condition may be. That’s why your care team specializes in offering empathetic treatments designed to keep you comfortable and encouraged during your recovery. 

With proper treatment, you may see dramatic results in your vertigo symptoms after just one session! Depending on your unique situation, additional sessions may be required to get optimal results. Learning more about BPPV, how to modify your lifestyle while recovering, and what you can do to prevent future episodes is an essential and ongoing part of your treatment plan - that’s why you can expect to be guided and educated by your expert therapist every step of the way.

If you’re struggling with vertigo, come see how physical therapy can help you. Schedule a free consultation call with one of our physical therapy experts to get started today.

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