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Client Testimonials for District Performance & Physio

What Others Are Saying

What Other Health and Fitness Professionals Say About Us:

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

"I refer all of my clients and members of 202strong to District Performance and Physio because of their skilled ability to address the cause of pain or issue and find ways to keep the patient moving while also treating the issue at hand. 


DPP’s outlook on physical therapy is a unique movement based approach that targets not just the symptom but movement patterns from the whole body. The therapists will analyze what is causing the symptoms, how to strengthen and release to diminish pain, and build a solid foundation for continued movement. They will never tell you “you can never do BLANK again” and will get you back to being pain free and stronger than before you tried physical therapy. 

This is not your average PT practice; I have seen fantastic results with every member they have treated, including myself!"

Maddie Watkins / Owner and Founder / 202Strong

"My patients often have musculoskeletal issues that are hard to fix.  Commercial physical therapy groups frequently do not give the individual attention my patients need, and they end up in big rooms, seeing the physical therapist for 15 minutes out of the hour.  Jesse works things differently.  He is with you the whole time of your appointment, working individually with you.  I have referred patients to him and I have also gone to see him as a patient myself.  He was very helpful in sorting out a couple of nagging chronic musculoskeletal problems that I have been working on for years.  That is why I can feel confident in referring my patients and friends to him for individualized treatment of musculoskeletal problems and for working out an individual exercise/training program."

Dr. Mitchell Dunn / Primary Care Physician / DC Internists

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:


Jesse has provided me with full use of my shoulder. After dealing with numerous shoulder issues over the past 8 years (including surgery) and having seen at least five physical therapists in three states, I am now able to use my shoulder fully and without pain. He is professional, patient, and for me, has a total success rate. I can highly recommend Jesse at District Performance and Physio.

- Kathy B

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