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Heal Faster and Get Moving with Physical Therapy in Navy Yard D.C.

Injuries are hard, and missing out on the things you love due to an injury can be even harder.

At District Performance & Physio in Navy Yard D.C. we specialize in helping you feel your best, so you can get back to doing your best. Whether you’re an elite athlete or weekend warrior, our expert staff offer fast, effective, and safe treatments to get you back in the game.


We don’t tell our patients to stop working out or being active if they have pain. Instead, we help you figure out how to stay active in the short term, so you can focus on doing what you love in the long term. No matter how big your goals are, we can build a plan to keep you moving until you get there.

The District Performance & Physio Difference

Whether you’re dealing with a new sports injury, chronic aches and pains, or hitting your next personal record, we’re here to help. That’s because we care about your problems, and we want you to achieve your health and performance goals. Here are some questions we’ll ask you during your consultation.

What’s the full story behind your injury? 

What are your favorite activities, and what’s holding you back?

What motivates you to perform your best?

We take the time to continuously learn about our patients, their lives, and their unique goals. Not only does this improve the healing process, but it makes the experience more fun for you!


We understand that fitting appointments into your busy schedule can be hard. That’s why we’ve made convenience a priority with our Navy Yard D.C. location and offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs, making it easier than ever to work with one of our physical therapists and meet your goals fast!


​Looking for Relief? Look No Further! Custom, Effective Treatment is Just Around The Corner at Navy Yard D.C. Physical Therapy


Working with an expert physical therapist can help you better understand your pain points and clearly see a path to your recovery, revealing new solutions to old problems.There are hundreds of treatment options advertised to “fix your problem.” At District Performance & Physio, we focus on effective, evidence-based treatments that actually get our patients better, faster!


We understand that your condition and recovery are specific to your personal history, lifestyle, and performance goals. We also understand that results need to be long-term. That’s why our experienced physical therapists focus on practical solutions that fit your needs - no cookie-cutter programs or quick fixes.

Don't Let Pain Put Pause on Your Life

​Now Offering Pelvic Physical Therapy in Navy Yard D.C. at District Performance & Physio

Here at District Performance & Physio, we’re always looking for opportunities to better serve our patients in truly meaningful ways. That's why we're proud to have two specialists for both men’s and women’s pelvic physical therapy on our staff!


If you are a man needing pelvic physical therapy, we recommend seeing our expert therapists TJ Janicky and Ariella Pohl, who are both specially trained in men’s pelvic physical therapy. For women seeking pelvic physical therapy, we recommend Ariella Pohl and Ashlee Kim, who are both specially trained in women’s pelvic physical therapy.

With specialized training in pelvic physical therapy, our specialists are passionate about helping both men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction in Navy Yard D.C. discover long-term results, focusing on meaningful symptom relief and restoring confidence.

​Schedule Today - We Handle the Rest!

Custom, practical, evidence-based treatments focused on getting you the results that you want, no shortcuts or quick fixes

Coaching and encouragement to help you break through barriers, fix your pain points, and get back to doing what you love most

Convenient location in Navy Yard D.C. with flexible scheduling and specialized physical therapists, now offering pelvic physical therapy!

Expert physical therapists focused on getting to know YOUR unique story, preferences, lifestyle, and performance goals

Discover Physical Therapy Near Navy Yard D.C.

Do you have a new injury or chronic illness? Ready to see what physical therapy in Navy Yard can do for you? We want to help!


Physical Therapy Navy Yard D.C.

Contact District Performance & Physio today to schedule an appointment by calling or texting 202-922-7331, or email us at

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