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Postpartum Physical Therapy in Washington DC

Hear What Others Have to Say

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I saw Ariella at 6 weeks postpartum for a pelvic floor evaluation and it was a great experience. The evaluation was detailed and she was extremely thorough. We talked about my goals and came up with a plan to help me to achieve them. It was nice having a personal assessment of my pelvic floor strength beyond the 6 week check up at the OB. I was able to recover safely and much more quickly than my first pregnancy using the exercises provided. Highly recommend for anyone pregnant or post partum. I wish I would’ve started sooner.

- Chanel H

 If you've given birth—whether three months or three decades ago—then you're postpartum. Welcome to the club!


The only problem: postpartum women often don't get the care they need to fully heal
from the demands of pregnancy.

Did you know? The typical woman will have between 8 and 14 prenatal appointments with her doctor before giving birth—but just ONE appointment after giving birth. This means hidden health issues could persist long after the baby arrives. Many women don't even realize there could be a connection between their frustrating concerns and their prior labor and delivery.

At District Performance & Physio, we help women take a closer look at their health—and provide real solutions so moms can feel, move, and look their best.

If you're a mom experiencing any of the following, you might need postpartum physical therapy:

  • Pelvic pain

  • Groin and hip pain

  • Low back pain

  • Pain during sex

  • Ab separation

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Urinary leakage while laughing, working out,

  • sneezing, or picking up the kids

  • Stomach and digestive problems

  • Tension headaches or migraines

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • The "mommy pooch"


Here's What to Expect From your Postpartum Physical Therapy in DC

This may surprise you:

In Europe, pelvic physical therapy is the standard of care for ALL postpartum women—yet here in America, new moms are basically left to fend for themselves.

At District Performance & Physio, we believe moms deserve better. Led by our women's health physical therapists Dr. Ariella Pohl and Dr. Ashlee Kim, our team of postpartum physical therapists in Washington DC has advanced training and combined decades of experience treating moms of all ages and backgrounds. When you come to see us start your postpartum healing journey, you can expect:


  • Compassionate, Individualized Care: we customize your treatment plan to ensure we meet YOUR goals and help you get the body and lifestyle you want, without judgment or shame

  • A Restorative, "Retreat-Like" Experience: you'll love our clean, calming, and spacious physical therapy clinic in DC (ask us about our private treatment rooms)

  • Effective Solutions: we use the latest innovations in non-invasive, drug-free physical therapy to help you feel better as quickly as possible—and stay active along the way

  • Lasting Results: moms leave our clinic feeling refreshed, energized, and more in control of their health

When it comes to healing your postpartum body, you don't have to DIY. Let our physical therapy experts help you connect the dots and figure out the most efficient, results-oriented approach to alleviating your symptoms and reclaiming your wellness.

Ready to Transform Your After-Baby Body?
Here's What Happens Next:

Call our Clinic:

Share your story with us and schedule an appointment with an experienced Washington DC postpartum physical therapist

Get Your Customized Plan of Care:

We use science-based techniques to diagnose and treat your symptoms—and help you uncover the root of your concerns so your symptoms stop coming back

Move Better, Feel Better:

From Day 1, we help you find relief and teach you how to do the activities you love so you can stop missing out and holding back

Whether you're coming from Washington DC, Bethesda, MD, Arlington, VA or a surrounding community, we make it easy to get to us. District Performance & Physio is close to the train station, and we offer a free (yes—FREE) parking garage option.

Let's face it: when mom feels good, the whole family benefits. Prioritize your health and get back to the active, pain-free life you deserve.

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