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You’ve recovered from your injury, now keep your progress and reach the next level

You need a healthy mind and body to live the active life that you want and deserve   

But there’s a problem

You’re busy and not an expert in mind and body health

You've spent years becoming good at what you do

You also have time constraints from work and family

What gets neglected typically is YOU

How can you take care of others... if you aren't even taking care of yourself?

It's also overwhelming

You need to know about sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management

There’s too much to learn and keep up with

This is where we can help


Here’s the solution

District Performance & Physio Performance Maintenance

Decide to invest in yourself and get the help you need.

Be extremely efficient with your time by only needing to commit 1 hour per month.

Make your health a priority and avoid painful/expensive health issues down the line.

​What you’ll get from our Performance Maintenance membership

Peace of mind knowing you have a monthly check in with your personal physical therapist

Accountability from your health partner to keep making progress towards your goals

Ability to prevent minor injuries from turning into major injuries

Keep up your exercise routine by preventing injuries before they occur

Customized plans to achieve your higher level fitness goals    

1 visit per month with your personal physical therapist at our lowest rate

Unlimited email support

Discounted rates for other sessions in case you have an injury or need


Click below to contact us to sign up and start investing in your long term health and performance goals

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