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Physical Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in Washington DC

Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction that has started affecting your personal life?

Maybe you’re having trouble seeking treatment or finding the right person to talk to about your difficulty? With the help of a men’s health expert at District Performance & Physio, you can worry less about your erectile dysfunction and take back control of your life.

For many men, living with erectile dysfunction can be uncomfortable and even intimidating at times. Problems like pain during sex, painful ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction can shake your confidence and make you compromise on your normal lifestyle. To accommodate these issues, you may feel like you need to avoid intimate situations, and if you do engage, you might be distracted by the fear of embarrassment or not performing well during intercourse.


For many men, it’s normal to feel like there aren’t any good answers or resources out there to learn more about common men’s health problems like erectile dysfunction. You may have even been told that medication is the only solution for erectile dysfunction and otherwise you’ll have to “just live with it”. At District Performance & Physio, we think there’s a better way.

Regardless of your lifestyle preferences, erectile dysfunction can create a major obstacle that seriously impacts your confidence and personal relationships. As leading experts in men’s health physical therapy, we believe problems like erectile dysfunction need to be treated early, taken seriously, and handled sensitively to get meaningful results that last.

Although it can be frustrating to live with, erectile dysfunction is a highly treatable condition, and with the right treatment it doesn’t have to stop you from living your life on your terms. With the help of specialized physical therapy for erectile dysfunction from men’s health experts, you can finally see improvements with your erectile dysfunction and regain your confidence.

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Treatments for erectile dysfunction that get real results

If you’ve struggled to find the right care and resources for your erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone. In fact, many of the men we help with erectile dysfunction have the same experience trying to get the help they need. Unfortunately, this is because most healthcare providers just don’t have the specialized training to treat men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction without the use of medication. When you work with one of our expert men’s health physical therapists at District Performance & Physio, you can finally get the answers, treatments, and resources you’ve been looking for.

When you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction, you should be able to talk to someone that you can trust who has specialized training in men’s health. Let our men’s health physical therapy expert, TJ Janicky, help you understand the root cause of your erectile dysfunction and build a treatment plan that meets the needs of your lifestyle. With the right care plan, you can see results for your erectile dysfunction that last long term.

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Here’s a few highlights to look forward to during your first session:

  • Thorough conversation with your therapist to learn more about your erectile dysfunction, your lifestyle, and any other men’s health issues you’re dealing with.

  • Comprehensive testing of your pelvic floor, lower back, and hips to help find the root cause of your erectile dysfunction.

  • Essential education about your pelvic floor anatomy, how pelvic health can impact erectile dysfunction, and helpful strategies to help you take control of your pelvic health.

  • Targeted pelvic floor training, breathing exercises, and activity conditioning based on your unique needs and the results of your assessment.

To finally see meaningful improvements for your erectile dysfunction without medication, you need evidence-based men’s health physical therapy from experts that you can trust. At District Performance & Physio, you’ll get treatments that are specially designed to meet your specific needs and may include techniques such as manual therapy, individualized exercises, and more.

Erectile dysfunction is complex, and not all erectile dysfunction can be fully treated with men’s health physical therapy. However, rest assured that your specially trained physical therapist will provide you with the tools and education you need to understand the factors contributing to your erectile dysfunction more clearly, and help you feel more confident with addressing the things that are within your control.

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Experts in men’s health who really care

If you’re among the men who are struggling to get the right physical therapy for erectile dysfunction in Washington, DC, it’s time to break the cycle. You shouldn’t have to feel confused or misunderstood when it comes to men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction, because now you can work with a physical therapist who specializes in men’s health and get real solutions for the problems that are holding you back.


To make progress with your erectile dysfunction, you need a trustworthy partner in your care that takes your personal preferences and lifestyle into account every step of the way. That’s why at District Performance & Physio, you’ll get one-on-one sessions with a men’s pelvic floor specialist, tailored care in private treatment rooms based on your needs, and easy access to premier erectile dysfunction treatment in Washington, DC.

​If you’re ready to see the results that you want for your erectile dysfunction, our physical therapy team is ready to help you see real progress and get your confidence back. Click below to schedule your free phone call with one of our experts now.

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