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Physical Therapy for Hip Impingement in Washington D.C.

Have you been told you have hip impingement and will need surgery?

Did you try physical therapy for your hip pain before and didn't see the improvements you wanted? Is your hip pain limiting how well you can squat, run, or live the life how you want? If you’re frustrated by pain and dysfunction caused by hip impingement, connect with our Washington D.C physical therapist team today at District Performance & Physio—where active adults like you come for compassionate, results-oriented care that keeps them moving even as they heal!

"I happened to mention to him that I was scheduled to have surgery on a torn hip labrum, so he asked to take a look. I had seen other PTs, and the answer had been a bit of work and then a recommendation to see a surgeon. Jesse recognized that there was some weakness in the muscles that stabilize the hip, and he noted that lots of torn hip labrums don't have pain or require surgery. We worked consistently at it for a few months, and it was awesome to feel the muscles getting stronger and the pain going away. I don't even think about my hip anymore, after having had pain and having avoided intense activities for 1.5 years. Now I'm doing all the sports and activities I used to do. Many thanks to Jesse and the team. I can't recommend them strongly enough."

- Steve M.


Hip Impingement—fancy medical term: femoroacetabular impingement—is a relatively common condition that usually affects active young men and women, although it can affect people at any age (some folks are even born with it). It's associated with things like pain, joint inflammation, and decreased range of motion due to changes in the shape and alignment of the hip joint, which is normally shaped like a ball and socket.


Physical therapy has been shown to help people with mild to moderate hip impingement reduce their symptoms, improve function, and even avoid surgery. Come find out how we can help you!


You Might Have Hip Impingement If You...

  • Have persistent pain in your hip, groin, thigh, buttocks, and/or lower back area

  • Have pain in a "C" like shape around the front and side of your hip joint (called the "C sign")

  • Notice that your pain gets worse after sitting or leaning forward for a long time

  • Experience stabbing or sharp hip pain with certain movements, like squatting, jumping, pivoting, and twisting (which can really put a damper on your athletic pursuits and living room dance parties!)

  • Experience stiffness or reduced mobility in your hip, especially when trying to lift your leg or turn it inward

Usually, symptoms alone won't tell us whether you have hip impingement.

At our Washington D.C. physical therapy clinic, our trained movement experts will review your history, conduct a thorough analysis of your gait and movement, measure your strength and range of motion, and collaborate with your other healthcare providers to confirm a diagnosis and rule out other pesky conditions that tend to present with similar signs and symptoms.

We also do what many other providers won't—which is to look "upstream" and "downstream" from your painful hip to uncover other underlying factors that are contributing to your hip impingement syndrome. Why? Because you're more than just your painful hip. You're an elegant, complex, and hardworking human being with many moving parts that influence each other. Let's help you get moving again, and even better than before!

About District Performance & Physio in DC

Instead of living with painful hip impingement or undergoing  invasive surgery, why not treat the condition now, get your full mobility back, and get back to your favorite exercises without pain?

At our Washington D.C. physical therapy clinic, we combine our unique, movement-focused rehabilitation approach with best-practice techniques and services to help people heal their hips while staying involved in the activities they love as safely as possible.


By delivering personalized care that addresses the root causes of pain and dysfunction, we’ve also helped countless people with hip impingement avoid surgery. We can help you stay out of the operating room, too!


From joint mobilizations to stretches and strengthening exercises, movement modifications to pain education, our services are customized for your optimal care and ideal for helping you put your pain behind you.

Our Washington D.C. physical therapist team can help you go from hip impingement to hip improvement! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

 Call us District Performance & Physio now at (202) 922-7331 or click the button below to schedule a call and team up with a Washington D.C. physical therapist who can help you move beyond your hip pain!

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