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Back pain, bloating, a bulging belly—could diastasis recti be to blame?

Diastasis recti happens when the right and left abdominal muscles on the front of your stomach separate, usually as a result of increased pressure inside the abdomen. At District Performance & Physio, our experienced team of physical therapists provide customized diastasis recti exercises and other services to help you heal your core from the inside out.

Diastasis recti physical therapy helps men and women heal their ab separation and avoid surgery. Are you next?

Here's the thing about ab separation: it's NOT just an issue affecting pregnant and postpartum moms.

Diastasis recti can develop in men and women of all ages because of factors like poor posture while lifting and improper breathing mechanics (and yes, a growing baby bump).

The problem is, diastasis recti doesn't always get better on its own. And when left untreated, this condition can lead to or exacerbate physical issues like back pain, constipation, reduced exercise tolerance, and bloating, as well as cosmetic concerns like a bulging belly.

The good news is, diastasis recti is treatable. Our Washington DC physical therapist team has helped hundreds of people heal their ab separation, reduce their symptoms, and avoid abdominal surgery—all while still enjoying many of the activities they love.

Did you know? About a third of pregnant women will still struggle with diastasis recti one year after giving birth.

Virtually every woman experiences at least SOME ab separation during pregnancy. But research suggests 1 in 3 women still deal with diastasis recti 12 months after giving birth!

If you’re one month, one year, or even one decade postpartum and are concerned about diastasis recti, it’s never too late to get help. Our physical therapists are here for you!

Healing from ab separation doesn't mean you have to stop moving—it means you have to start moving more optimally. We'll show you how. 


Do you know how to properly load your core before lifting a weight, a toddler, or a bag of groceries? Do you know how your posture and breathing affects the amount of pressure inside your abdomen?

Most of us aren't taught any of this high school gym class or biology—so when we develop diastasis recti, we may assume we shouldn't lift anything at all.


But your journey toward healing doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. No matter what caused your ab separation and no matter how long you've had it, our physical therapists can help. We rely on years of extensive training and real-world clinical experience to deliver high-quality care in a private, patient-focused environment.

What Our Clients Think

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District Performance, specifically Ariella have been an integral part of my postpartum journey. I didn’t have the strength that I wanted, I still had diastasis and I lacked the confidence to get back on the horse, so to speak. I decided I needed outside help and found Ariella through a friend. Each week Ariella helped me with different exercises to rebuild parts of my core. Today I feel stronger, more like myself and I am ready and excited to get back in the gym.

Jessica S


Come see us and enjoy:

A thorough health history and postural assessment

Simple yet effective diastasis recti exercises

Individualized training on how to move more safely and even measure your own ab separation

Manual therapy to accelerate tissue healing

Don't Let Your Packed Calendar Prevent You From Getting the Help You Deserve—We Make it Easy to Get to Our Washington DC Physical Therapy Clinic.

Whether you're a busy new mom, a career-oriented professional, or a hard-working student, it shouldn't be an unnecessary hassle to get the diastasis recti physical therapy services you want. That's why we've ensured District Performance & Physio is easy to get to for anyone living in the greater Washington D.C. area.

Find our beautiful, clean, and inviting clinic less than one block from the Blue, Orange, Red, or Silver lines at Farragut West and Farragut North Metro stations. We also offer free garage parking right on site, a flexible schedule, and a FREE 20-minute initial phone consult with one of our providers to help you decide if we're a good fit.

Don't let diastasis recti stand in the way of the strong, confident, and pain-free body you want!

If you live or work in Washington DC and are concerned about ab separation, call District Performance & Physio at (202) 922-7331 to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist today..

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