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Low Back Strains: Treatment and Prevention With Our Washington DC Physical Therapy Team

Just because you strained your back doesn't mean you need to stop working out—really!
If you’re struggling with a lower back strain but are hoping to stay active and heal your back at the same time, our Washington DC physical therapy team at District Performance and Physio is here to help.

Low Back Strains and Sprains 101

Muscles help your bones move. Ligaments connect bones to each other. Both are important for keeping your spine stable and mobile!

Muscles and ligaments also support the weight and movement of the rest of your body. So, when a muscle or ligament in your spine gets injured, the condition can impact multiple areas of your body and lifestyle.

Low back strains and sprains can occur after:

  • Slips, trips, and falls

  • Lifting something or picking something up (sometimes even something light, like a golf ball)

  • Car accidents

  • Sports injury

  • Chronic, more gradual damage due to repetitive stress


I've Got Pain: Is it a Low Back Strain?


No two people with low back strains have the exact same experience, but there are some common signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • Pain in the lower back area that feels sore, achy, dull, or even sharp with certain movements; the pain might spread into the buttocks area but won't radiate down into the legs

  • Lower back stiffness; you might find it difficult to move about or even maintain your normal posture

  • Tenderness to touch in the lower back area (the tissues under your fingers might also feel stiff or tense)

  • Decreased activity tolerance; anything from sitting to standing to walking (let alone hitting your weekly workouts) can be difficult!

You don't have to be afraid of your back pain! We’ve helped hundreds of people in DC with back pain get back to living life pain-free and working out like they were before.

When a low back strain interrupts your routine, we can help. Let's get you moving with a customized plan of care that supports your healing and health goals.

Most people think (or have been told) that rest is best for lower back pain. But that’s actually not true! In fact, we know from the research and clinical experience that physical activity is one of the BEST ways to alleviate low back pain caused by strains or sprains.


By combining manual techniques, exercises and stretches, and non-invasive modalities, we can help you feel better so you can get moving as you heal. We'll also implement customized services to optimize tissue healing, reduce inflammation, address your underlying risk factors, and help you avoid recurring issues.


Let’s work together to help you find the right kind and amount of activity to get moving and feeling better today!

Strain Your Back Recently?

You've got things to do, places to go, and your favorite activities to enjoy! Don't let a lower back strain keep you from fulfilling your responsibilities and achieving your goals.


Call District Performance and Physio today at (202) 922-7331 to schedule an initial consultation today with an experienced physical therapist in Washington DC. It's easy to get to our clinic, with ample free parking right next door and just a short walk to the Farragut West and North metro stations.

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