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If you're tired of living with shoulder pain, and you're ready to book an appointment to take the first step in eliminating it, click below to inquire about cost and availability.

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CrossFit Athlete and


"Jesse is hands down the best physical therapist in DC. I am an athlete and a Crossfit coach, I have seen multiple physical therapists in DC over the years, and Jesse was the only one who was able to improve my knee pain. It is not surprising that he is affiliated with several gyms in the DMV. He is attentive, compassionate, and generous with his time. I could not recommend a better PT!"

- Rebecca M.

From Scheduled Surgery
to Pain Free


"District Performance & Physio taught me how to manage my pain without pills, connected me with a trusted new neurosurgeon in the area to get a second opinion, educated me on my options and informed me of the current research, and most importantly, helped me get my life back. If it were not for Jesse and his team, I would have had an unnecessary neck surgery and I would not be living the active, healthy, and happy lifestyle that I am now."

- Taylor S.

PR'd his Marathon


I went in with an unknown issue with my ankle/lower leg. It was acute pain and swelling in my Anterior Tibialis and ankle. Nicki, worked with me, dry needled, massage, and some other PT techniques. A month later, I PR'd my marathon by 20 minutes with no pain, whatsoever! Great service, fast, and applicable to getting me back on the road. You can't tell a runner not to run, and they don't. Rather, they tell you how to get better so that you can run!

- Bryan U.

Had Tried Physical Therapy and Didn’t Think it Worked


I was having persistent issues with my ankles when running and finally decided to try District Performance after some very unsatisfactory virtual physiotherapy sessions with my insurance.  I had several sessions with Ariella after which I felt a TREMENDOUS improvement. Most importantly, I just felt like she was treating my issues seriously and coming up with a variety of different exercises that would help me get back to running as quickly as possible rather than just shrugging and telling me to not run two months, which had been my prior experience. Scheduling the appointments was super easy, she was flexible, attentive, and caring. I 100% recommend District Performance & Ariella for anyone looking to get back to running quickly and resolve underlying issues causing the problems in the first place.

- Simona G.

Discovered Back Pain Doesn’t Have to be Chronic


I was pretty much at the place where I thought I'd just have to live with chronic back pain when I started PT at District Performance. But that was simply not an acceptable outcome to my therapist. Now a client for over three years, I pop in from time-to-time for a check-up or a quick fix when something's not feeling right in my workout, but that pain I thought I'd have to live with has been gone for a long time. Adding to that huge benefit, my therapist knows me and my muscular quirks well enough that when something flares, I know he'll understand what I'm going through and solve the issue quickly and effectively. The post-treatment care is always above and beyond and I've been happily referring all of my friends for years. 100% worth it. 100% recommended.

- Hannah S.

Was Told Not to Run Ever Again


District Performance & Physio is absolutely the best - you will be doing yourself a bunch of favors to go see them! I had stopped running just about 10 years ago after a doctor told me that my knee pain couldn't be helped - and they had me back to running within a few weeks. I worked with them for just about 6 weeks total and I am now working to train for a half marathon.

- Kylie T.

Back to Competition Without Taking Time Off


Jesse is THE person to see about injuries, limitations, and imbalances and RESOLVING them. I tore a groin muscle a couple weeks before a big Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition and instead of saying “we’ll that sucks, take time off and rest” Jesse helped me train with the injury and make it stronger than before. 10/10 would recommend.

- Brian A.

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