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  • Ariella Pohl

Welcome Ariella: Our New Physical Therapist & Pelvic Floor Specialist!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hello all! My name is Ariella Pohl and I am super excited to be the new physical therapist as well as pelvic floor specialist here at District Performance and Physio. I have been practicing physical therapy in New York City for the last several years and just moved to Washington DC at the start of the new year. Although I am new to living in DC, I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, therefore I am excited to be here in a new, but familiar city.

My mother was a physical therapist working in a school setting with children with special needs, so I was exposed to physical therapy at a young age. After becoming a sports medicine trainer in high school, physical therapy was the only career I could imagine myself doing. It was the perfect combination of science, physical activity and helping others.

During my early years of being a PT, when I was working in orthopedic outpatient settings, I felt like there was something missing. I kept encountering the world of pelvic health/pelvic floor, and realized that it was the missing piece to my practice. Specializing in pelvic floor has been one of the greatest decisions I have made. I find it very rewarding (and necessary) to help individuals with issues that they are less likely to seek help for. These are issues that affect them in a very personal way but may not know if there is a solution for it. It has also helped me get a better sense of how the body works as a whole, and in addition, I have become more effective at treating the rest of the body.

I have always been an active person and value physical activity. I was a dancer until high school, and then developed a love for running after college. My appreciation for movement of the body and physical activity has led me to my desire to keep people active by all means and will strive to help you reach your goal. I see myself as someone who is there to assist you in fulfilling them. I really love treating runners, pelvic floor-related issues for men and women, but also everything else in between!

When I’m not treating clients, you may find me (literally) running around DC trying to find a new running route (suggestions welcome), eating a lot of good food or going to concerts (whenever those return).

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