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Physical Therapy for Constipation and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Are you living with difficulty using the bathroom that has started impacting your personal life? Maybe you’re uncomfortable talking about problems like constipation with your family and friends, and don’t know where to find the right help? Discover how men’s health physical therapy can help you feel better and get back to your active lifestyle.

For many men, constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction can be uncomfortable and frustrating problems to live with. While we all have issues going to the bathroom now and then, persistent constipation can make your daily life more complicated and calculated than you want it to be. You may also find yourself limiting your activity level or feeling less confident in social situations due to fear of issues with your constipation.


Unfortunately, most men have difficulty finding answers or resources to learn more about the connection between constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction. In fact, you may have even been told by other doctors that there are no good solutions to your pelvic floor dysfunction and you’ll have to “just live with it”. At District Performance & Physio, we think there’s a better way to approach constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction for men.

No matter your fitness level or preferred lifestyle, you shouldn’t have to stop exercising or enjoying your favorite activities because of your constipation. With the help of one of our expert physical therapists who specialize in men’s health, you can get the right care to help you better manage your constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction, take control of your personal schedule, and feel confident enjoying the things you love again.

Men’s pelvic health matters to us

When it comes to pelvic health problems like constipation and pelvic health dysfunction for men can be among the most poorly understood. This is mainly because most doctors don’t learn about these issues in school, making them unable to answer your questions when you come into the clinic. Without good answers to work with, it can be hard to see past your constipation and fully engage in your daily life.


When you’re having difficulty going to the bathroom, enjoying sex, or maintaining your active lifestyle due to pelvic pain or dysfunction, it’s important to talk to somebody you can trust who has specific training in these problems. For many men, working with a men’s health specialist is the most effective way to get real answers about your constipation and how it might be connected to pelvic floor dysfunction.

​Let our men’s pelvic floor physical therapist, TJ Janicky, help you find the root cause of your constipation and start on the path to seeing real improvements. With a little help from a trained expert, you can regain your confidence and spend more time enjoying your favorite activities again.

Here’s what you can expect during your first appointment:


  • Thorough interviewing to learn more about your health history, personal story, and how your lifestyle is affected by your constipation or pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • Strength, muscle endurance, and range of motion testing for your pelvis and nearby joints that may also be involved.

  • Education about your pelvic floor, its involvement in constipation, and helpful strategies to help you better manage your condition over the long term.

  • Specialized movement training and exercise personalized to your unique needs and assessment results - all focused on helping you see meaningful improvements!


At District Performance & Physio, your expert physical therapist will utilize first-choice, evidence-based treatments for men’s pelvic floor therapy that are proven to help you see changes that actually matter to you. Depending on your specific needs, your sessions may include specialized manual therapy techniques, instrument-assisted biofeedback training, and other personalized treatment approaches selected based on your unique situation.



Premier care that gets real results

Seeking help for your constipation can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Rest assured, your men’s pelvic floor therapist will promote an environment that makes it easy for you to comfortably talk about your constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction so that you start seeing results more easily.


Although you may have been brushed off by doctors at other clinics, your satisfaction is our top priority at District Performance & Physio. With one-on-one sessions with your men’s pelvic floor therapist, private treatment rooms, and convenient location in Washington DC, you can finally make your constipation or pelvic floor dysfunction a priority and get back to your favorite activities again.

If you’re looking for the best men’s health physical therapy for constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction, it’s time to take the first step to getting your life back. Click below to schedule your free phone call with one of our experts now.

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