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Physical Therapy for Shoulder Impingement
in Washington D.C.

Does shoulder pain keep you up at night? Have you had to modify or stop your favorite activities and exercises because of shoulder pain? Maybe your shoulder even bugs you during the simplest daily tasks, like getting dressed or reaching back to put your seatbelt on! All of these issues can be caused by shoulder impingement syndrome. Let our experts at District Performance & Physio help you heal your shoulder, avoid surgery, and get beyond the pain with personalized care that makes a difference!

"My shoulder hurts when I move it like THIS."

Shoulder impingement develops when connective tissues in the shoulder area—including tendons, ligaments, and bursa—become repeatedly pinched, compressed, or "impinged" between the bony surfaces in the shoulder joint. People with this condition often notice:


  • Pain when moving their arm over their head, behind their body, or out to the side

  • Pain when throwing something

  • Pain when trying to lie or sleep on the involved side

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Since other conditions can cause these symptoms, too, it's important to see a health care provider who knows how to examine, evaluate, and treat the highly complex shoulder joint. And in Washington D.C., you do NOT need a referral or prescription from your doctor  to see a PT—which means one of our movement experts can be the very first provider you see!


BUT—and this is a big but—it's not enough to simply get a diagnosis and start symptomatic treatment. If you have shoulder impingement syndrome, your health care provider should dig deeper and help you find the answer to WHY. Why does my shoulder hurt? Why are the tissues in my shoulder getting impinged?


Answering these questions (not to mention being willing to ask these questions in the first place!) will not only help you find relief from your symptoms, but will help you understand the root cause of your impingement and therefore prevent recurring issues.

Work With A Physical Therapy Expert in DC

Enter Physical Therapy


Has your doctor or someone else told you that you shouldn't lift overhead, or that you should stop exercising altogether? Let us help you keep working out safely while still allowing your shoulder to heal!


Our Washington D.C. physical therapist team can help you get to the bottom of your shoulder pain and get out of the frustrating pain/no pain/more pain cycle.

By providing personalized care grounded in the latest science of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, our PTs can help you address issues like a lack of mobility, decreased shoulder strength, and poor movement techniques that may contribute to your dysfunction. The result? Better, more meaningful, and more sustainable outcomes that can help you avoid the operating room and get off the injured list!

As problem-solvers and fellow fitness fans, we also help you figure out ways to stay as active as possible even during your recovery. You don't have to fear movement—let us help you see how.

Investigating the contributing factors to your shoulder pain,

Showing up and doing the work,

Adopting a mindset of proactive wellness rather than reactive care,

...then we would LOVE to meet you!

Are We a Good Fit For Your Shoulder Recovery Plan?

If you're looking for quick fixes and surface-level solutions, we are NOT for you. But if you're willing to invest in your long-term health by:

Concerned About Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

Are you searching for the kind of high-quality shoulder impingement physical therapy Washington D.C. can offer? Check us out at District Performance & Physio by calling (202) 922-7331 today to schedule an appointment.

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