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Keep Moving and Stay Pain-Free With Help From Our Washington DC Physical Therapy Team & Orangetheory®

At District Performance & Physio, we've teamed up with Orangetheory®
To help active folks like you return to exercise with less pain and even MORE confidence in your body AND give you 50% off of your first session with us.

Right now, Orangetheory® gym members are eligible for an exclusive offer of half off their next physical therapy session at our Washington DC physical therapy clinic.

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Are you:


  • Tired of having to "work around" an injury every time you go to the gym?

  • Worried that you're throwing your gym membership away because you're nursing an injury?

  • Frustrated that it takes you longer than it should to recover from each workout?

  • Reluctant to try physical therapy again because in the past you were told you had to stop working out during rehab? (Spoiler alert: you don’t!)

The truth is:


You don't deserve anything standing in between you and your health and fitness goals, you don't have to "just deal with it," and you shouldn't have to give up all your gains just because of a temporary setback!

At District Performance & Physio, we help active people stay active, even as they heal from an acute or chronic injury.

We offer personalized diagnostic and treatment services to help you identify the root causes of your aches and pains. We zero in on these root issues throughout your treatment program, so you can achieve pain-free movement and avoid recurring problems.

We will also help you refine and revitalize your workout routine so you can keep your fitness goals in sight while still honoring your body's healing process!

And because we've partnered with Orangetheory®, you can now enjoy a discounted physical therapy session with one of our experienced Washington DC PTs—and really find out what your body and mind can do!

Leave the Pain. Love the Workouts. Call District Performance & Physio Now!

To schedule an appointment with a Washington DC physical therapist who truly understands how important exercise is to you, contact us today or fill out this form to tell us about what's bugging you. Just mention “Orangetheory® member” in the “How you heard about us” section to get your discounted session.

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