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Informed Concussion Care from Trained Experts

Have you experienced a concussion? Unsure how you can stay active or return to your favorite activities? Discover how physical therapy for concussions can help!

Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries caused by a blow to the head. Because symptoms and complications are unique to each individual, getting the right care is essential. At District Performance & Physio, we believe that individualized treatment plans based on thorough clinical examinations are the key to optimizing your recovery.

Our personalized concussion recovery plans always start with a thorough assessment to determine your status after experiencing a concussion. We pride ourselves in offering our patients exceptionally thorough interviews and exams. You can expect:

  • A thorough review of your injury story

  • Detailed neurological examination

  • Strength and range of motion testing

  • Functional movement testing

  • Initial treatment specialized to your impairments and goals



We help our patients recover from concussion better, faster. Here’s how physical therapy for concussions can help:

Traditional concussion severity tests and cookie-cutter plans aren’t enough anymore. For better results, you need a personal care plan that meets you where you really are.


A physical therapist can assess your concussion status and develop a plan based on your neurological symptoms to facilitate a safe and efficient recovery - getting you back to safe performance of your favorite activities.


Once a plan is in motion, it is important to be monitored by your trusted provider as you recover so the plan can be adjusted in sync with your recovery. At  District Performance & Physio, we will work alongside your medical doctor or athletic coach to ensure your plan of care is optimized for safety and effectiveness.

If you’ve experienced a concussion, we want to help. Schedule a free consultation call with one of our physical therapy experts to learn more about your treatment options.

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