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Physical Therapy for Wrist Pain and Sprains That Gets Lasting Results

Are you struggling with wrist pain that just won’t go away? Maybe you’ve recently sprained your wrist and have been told that you need to quit your favorite activities? Come see how premier physical therapy for wrist pain in Washington DC can help you get back to doing what you love faster.

Stubborn wrist pain and sprains can shake your confidence and make you put your active lifestyle on hold. At District Performance & Physio in Washington DC, we think there’s a better way! In addition to helping you manage everyday aches and pains, your care team specializes in treating a variety of wrist conditions, including: 


Ligament Sprains

Muscle Strains

Tendinitis and Tendinopathy

DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

And more!


Regardless of your prior fitness level or experience with physical therapy for wrist injuries, you can count on our expert physical therapists to help you feel better, get stronger, perform your best again.


Wrist injuries are common for athletes and weekend warriors of all ages, yet many people are told they need to stop exercising and rest as much as possible to recover. At District Performance & Physio, you won’t be told to stop doing your favorite activities while you’re recovering from your wrist injury. We’re athletes too, and we understand how important maintaining your active lifestyle is to you.

State-of-the-art treatments for your wrist pain and sprains

Untreated wrist pain can last for weeks, seasons, or years depending on your lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to get the right care for your needs that actually addresses the root cause of your problem. Luckily, with the right care plan from an expert physical therapist, you can make real strides in your recovery and get back to doing what you love - that’s where we come in!


At District Performance & Physio your care team is specially trained in working with athletes, so whether you’re trying to return to golf, tennis, or CrossFit, you can count on us to help you see real progress with your wrist pain without compromising on your performance goals.

​To get the results that you want for your wrist injury, you need the best physical therapy for wrist pain in Washington, DC &  Navy Yard, DC. In addition to providing evidence-based, time-tested treatments for your wrist injury, your therapist will start by getting to know you with a thorough evaluation.

Here’s what your first appointment will look like:


  • Interviewing to learn about your wrist injury, personal story, and lifestyle.

  • Analysis of your posture, functional movements, and sports performance to identify the root cause of your wrist injury.

  • Joint assessment of your wrist, elbow, and shoulder with special testing to screen for other related conditions.

  • Treatments based on the results of your assessment, performance goals, and personal preferences.

  • Most importantly, your therapist won’t tell you to stop exercising or quit your active lifestyle to get results!


By the end of your wrist assessment, you’ll finally have real answers about the root cause of your wrist pain or sprain and what you can do to recover from it. At District Performance & Physio, your therapist will also teach you how to modify your exercise routines to help control your symptoms and improve recovery.


Whether or not this is your first time trying physical therapy for a sprained wrist or wrist pain, it might be your first time working with a team of experts who really care about your recovery and active lifestyle. Regardless of your fitness or experience level, your care team is ready to help you truly understand the causes of your wrist pain, rethink old habits that are slowing you down, and set a clear path to performing your best at what you love.


Helping you reach your goals faster

To get real results for your wrist pain or strain, you should work with a team of physical therapy experts who understand your priorities and performance goals. After all, you want to treat the root cause of your wrist injury, not just the symptoms of it. By tackling your problem at the source, you can finally start to see meaningful results in your wrist pain or sprain and make strides in your recovery.

At District Performance & Physio, every physical therapist available is specially trained in working with athletes and passionate about helping you feel better, move better, and perform better. Instead of being told to stop doing what you love, let us help you regain confidence in yourself and start on the path to recovery for your wrist injury.

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