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Pre-Partum Physical Therapy in Washington DC

Pregnancy and pre-partum physical therapy helps moms feel their best, prepare for labor and delivery, and stay moving throughout their pregnancy.

Collaborate with our women's health physical therapist staff at District Performance and Physio in Washington DC to experience it for yourself.

Pregnancy rocks—but that doesn't mean it comes without challenges. Here are some of the main concerns we hear from expecting patients:

  • My back hurts.

  • I know I need sleep, but I just can't seem to get comfortable at night.

  • I feel like I can't stay as active as I want, even though I know pregnancy exercise is good for me and my baby.

  • I've envisioned the birth experience I want, and I want to do everything I can to make it a success.

  • I want to help my body prepare for and recover from a planned cesarean section.


As area leaders in women's and pelvic health physical therapy, our team can help you address all these issues and more.


No magic. No gimmicks. Just drug-free, non-invasive physical therapy techniques that are fully customized for each patient and shown to help expecting moms:

  • Alleviate pregnancy-associated aches and pains in the neck, back, pelvis, hips, shoulder, wrists, or feet

  • Improve and adapt to postural changes associated with factors like pregnancy hormones (which promote ligament laxity) and a growing baby bump (which changes a woman's center of gravity)

  • Increase exercise tolerance, which can help minimize weight gain and prepare mom for the physical challenge of labor and delivery

  • Prevent or minimize postpartum problems like persistent core dysfunction, pelvic floor weakness, and urinary incontinence

Up to 70% of expecting women experience back pain—which is only one reason why the American Pregnancy Association recommends physical therapy for pregnancy.

As trusted pelvic health physical therapists in Washington DC, Dr. Ariella Pohl and Dr. Ashlee Kim offer manual techniques, exercises, stretches, and movement assessments that can make a dramatic difference in your pregnancy experience—whether you have back pain or not.

At our physical therapy clinic, we've seen firsthand how PT can help pregnant moms from all walks of life! Plus, we love working with proactive, active women who take ownership of their health but want additional support during one of their most life-changing experiences ever.

Discover PT in DC: Perfect for Parents and (Growing) Families!

District Performance and Physio is just a short walk from the Farragut West and North metro stations and next to a free parking garage.


Got your crew with you? No problem—kids are welcome!

Are You Currently Pregnant or Trying to Become Pregnant?

Calling all expectant moms in Washington DC! Contact District Performance and Physio to schedule an appointment and find out for yourself what pre-partum and pregnancy physical therapy can do for your body and baby.

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