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Being Proactive Instead of Reactive

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Do you wait until you have a cavity to go see your dentist? If you do, your dentist probably loves to see you because they know they’ll be doing quite a few fillings every time you come in. More likely, you know that by seeing your dentist regularly you’re being proactive about your health and making it much less likely you have more serious and more expensive issues with your teeth later. Unfortunately, most people don’t take that same proactive approach with their bodies. You probably wait until your shoulder, back or knee becomes painful enough that it really affects your daily life before you actually take action. The problem with that is, by that point, the pain has been there for weeks or months and will now take longer to heal. Most of our healthcare system is based on reacting to problems rather than preventing problems from happening in the first place. This ends up costing all of us extra time, money and takes us away from the activities we really love doing.

What if there was a better way?

There is!

What about taking the same proactive approach with your body as you do with your teeth? Investing in your health before problems start goes a long way towards keeping you in the gym, running on the trail, playing with your kids, or just living life the way you want to live. You need a healthy body to be able to live the active, meaningful life you deserve. The problem is, you’re not an expert in that area. You’ve spent your life and career becoming an expert in what YOU do. You probably spend most of your time on work and family. If you’re like most of us, what gets neglected is you.

This is where a strong relationship with a physical therapist can go a long way towards keeping you healthy enough to stay active and take care of the people in your life that you love.

You might assume that a physical therapist can only help you with a serious injury or when the injury becomes bad enough that it stops you from doing something you love. What you might not know is that as movement experts, physical therapists are in a great position to spot problems before they start. We are able to watch you move and find what is weak, what is tight, and what needs to be fixed before it becomes a bigger problem. Regular tune-up sessions with your physical therapist also let us fix small aches and pains before they become a bigger problem that really affects your life. Clients that work with us consistently tell us they love knowing they have the accountability, advice, and hands-on work to keep them active in their life.

Some areas that we can help with during tune-up sessions:

  • Exercise Modification

  • Mobility

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition

  • Injury/Medical Advice

  • And even offer Hands-On Treatment (Massage, dry needling, joint mobilization)

Taking a proactive approach is an investment in your health and lifestyle. It’s also a great way to prevent losing out on doing what you love later by making sure small problems don’t become life-changing. A small amount of work on your health now can prevent you from having to spend a lot of work and money on health problems later.

Ready to start investing in your health and want some guidance along the way?

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