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  • Nicki Ferramosca

How Physical Therapy Can Help with Prevention, Performance & Recovery

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Physical therapy is not always about recovering from an injury, rehabbing from a procedure or surgery or working through pain. At District Performance & Physio, we also use our sessions as prevention, performance and recovery.

Let’s walk you through what that might look like. We work with several amateur, collegiate and elite athletes that are looking to stay ahead of issues that may come up with intense training and practices. For some of our clients, we use our sessions as true hands-on sessions. Some clients walk in the door after a tough week of weight training, rowing or running with a few things that need some TLC. That session may mean stretching, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization or massage. In addition, trigger point dry needling is an effective tool for improving myofascial mobility and decreasing pain and tension in muscles. #IYKYK

The unique opportunity with District Performance & Physio is that you and your physical therapist work as a team. You both create a plan and make modifications each and every time they are needed. Feeling pretty good that week? Your session can be more about maintenance. Feeling tight or stiff? Your session can focus on mobilization of that area with stretching, joint mobilizations and massage. Pain in specific areas? Maybe your session will incorporate dry needling followed by soft tissue and myofascial release. In addition to all of the hands-on recovery work we can do, adding more specific strengthening exercises will help you reach your goals as well.

Use your session to work on improving your lifting technique or positioning. We can also work with you to create a specific and specialized warm-up and cool down for your runs, workouts or training sessions. These personalized sessions will jump start your goals and help with preventing any issues along the way.

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